Smarten your data with the Global Wind Data Tag-List

Anticipating the future means using smart data. Data have become the backbone to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy, unlocking new business opportunities, and optimizing cost. It is time to take advantage of the data and shape the next generation of wind data models.

Built on the industry's needs, the Global Wind Data Tag-List activates data into smart data by providing a streamlined naming convention for wind turbines.

Unlock the power of data

Activating data, as a valuable business insight, has the potential to boost productivity and streamline operations. For that, data need to be formatted to be ready for the analysis at the collection point.

Regardless of wind turbine types, models and brands, the Global Wind Data Tag-List transforms various data into one standard data set to unlock data's full potential, assuring reliability and completeness of data.

Built on knowledge

Existing wind data models compromise data quality by the large variety of proprietary protocols and data sets. The Global Wind Data Tag List gathers SCADA International's industry knowledge and know-how to build a standard data model that organizes and converts the extensive assortment of datasets from different wind turbine manufacturers based on the IEC 61400-25 standard.

This way, smart data enable you to make predictive maintenance trends, providing an answer at your fingertips.


Download the tag-list here!*


Committed with the wind industry

At SCADA International, we firmly stand for building an open-source archi­tecture and technology environment to en­sure interoperability for the wind industry sys­tems.  

Our responsibility is to facilitate energy transition and find tomorrow's problems, identify new opportunities, and develop innovative solutions to support our customers' business growth.

We commit to support and guide others in using the IEC 61400 standards series by being part of the IEC 61400-25 User Group and ENTR Alliance.


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