The Global Wind Data Tag-list

A streamlined and uniform naming convention, based on IEC 61400-25 standard.

The Global Wind Data Tag-list comprises a vast range of 1400 tag-names and data points covering diverse wind turbine types, models and brands. Based on IEC 61400-25 standard, it constitutes the first data standardization for wind turbines within the wind industry.


Based on the IEC 61400-25 standard, SCADA International has established a common data model to organize and convert the extensive assortment of data sets from different wind turbine manufactures. A total of 1400 tag-names – that cover different turbine brands, types and models – have been standardized to offer historical and live data values.


By standardizing data values, data analysis, monitoring and controlling reduce the likelihood of overlooking relevant information. Indeed, standardization enables an easy comparison of assets’ daily operations – obtaining substantial improvements in terms of performance, and a reduction of the operational and maintenance cost.


Taking a step forward, SCADA International makes available the Global Wind Data Tag-list – embodying the first attempt to data exchange within the industry. Data access is the key to develop new ideas, reduce errors, and lower the cost.


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IEC 61400-25 standard

The IEC 61400-25 attempts to standardize the information exchange among wind power assets and SCADA systems, offering a proposal of how data values (tags) could be named. However, it does not provide precise instructions on how data should be converted into one standard data set. Created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the IEC 61400-25 arose as a subdivision of the IEC 61400 – which specifically is focused on wind turbines standards.


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