Foundation monitoring: Reduce the risk & secure your asset life

Identify abnormal vertical movements in foundations to reduce the risk of downtime and ensure the life extension of your asset.

Ongoing supervision & turbine monitoring

Patented foundation monitoring system

Secures your energy production

Get reliable early warning signals about emerging foundation problems for onshore and offshore wind turbines with the OneView® Foundation Monitor. The patented foundation monitoring solution from SCADA International allows you to identify those turbines that show abnormal vertical movement and need to be stopped or have an on-site inspection.



Defective foundations or foundations that are not properly anchored into the ground can cause abnormal vertical movements, affecting indirectly in energy production due to downtimes or major damages associated.

By using the principle of a pendulum, the OneView® Foundation Monitor measures the vertical movement (tilt) of the tower.  Precise real-time data of the foundation is assured by the combination of a pendulum, three separate sensors, a logarithm program, and a central main program logic controller (PLC).



To avoid energy losses, preventive measures need to be taken. Thus, monitoring proactively your foundation secures your energy production and ensures asset life extension. Supervise and monitor your turbines with OneView® Foundation Monitor.




Download the OneView® Foundation Monitor brochure.

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