Keeping track of all the components necessary to successfully run your business is a tough thing to do.
SCADA Audit is a service for renewable asset owners and administrators of SCADA systems which allows keeping track of all hardware installations.

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With SCADA Audit you will prevent unexpected break-downs and minimize downtimes of your assets; have an overview of all of your hardware and know the status of installed equipment.


SCADA Audit is an advanced set of services for renewable asset owners and administrators of SCADA systems which allows to keep track of their hardware and software installations.

You can choose between three different SCADA Audit services:

End of Warranty Inspection.png

Feel confident in taking your next step - post warranty

 The Challenge

Do you ever wonder in what condition your assets are? Should you anticipate a breakdown or downtime hours in near future? 



True value of an EoW inspection comes from the knowledge gained on the overall health of a SCADA system. Understanding the condition of your assets helps to improve maintenance cycle planning, warranty claims, assess the performance of your independent service provider (ISP), and for technicians to identify issues at an early stage.  After an inspection, the owner will know exactly what state their system is in, either prior to the warranty expiring or other milestones like Site Acceptance Test.  With our findings your company will be able to take corrective action before the warranty expires or before accepting a new SCADA system.

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We get you organized to optimize your site operations

 The Challenge 

Do you feel confident that you have documented all your critical assets? Do network investigations and troubleshooting issues take too long for your technicians? Are you ready for an audit? Keep track of your assets by Site Inventory Service. 


SCADA International’s site inventory service will provide a full overview of your site(s) current network and communication setup. The site inventory service can be used for site improvements, reference for a future equipment upgrade plan, and be used as a guide for general troubleshooting. A SCADA technician will perform on-site visits to gather information, organize physical network equipment and create a comprehensive documentation package. This documentation will allow the company to track their equipment, provide documentation for audits, and more easily troubleshoot communication issues.

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Take the steps to a better data quality and do not worry about data loss

 The Challenge

Is data loss a reoccurring issue for your wind power plant? Do you have a solid failover or backup system? SCADA International’s Data Quality Initiative can help alleviate the burden of your data loss issues.  


A complete SCADA communication system diagnostic can be done to ensure that all the data wanted and needed is being received correctly. Important data can be lost in all the layers of a SCADA system and this service will help solve missing, corrupt, and incorrect data. Documentation can provide needed materials for troubleshooting of data loss in the future. SCADA International can also implement a backup or failover system to reduce data when equipment fails or power loss occurs.


Furthermore, SCADA International conducts Hardware audits and inspection on all installations before they are added to a Service Level Agreement.

To provide the best possible service to our customers it is absolutely necessary for us to know any risks or potential threads prior to the start of a service period.

SCADA International will during an audit create a fully documented inventory of your installation and identify any threats that will compromise the availability of your system.

Finally our detailed report will provide the customer with an action plan for recommended hardware exchanges and spare parts lists.

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