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OneView® Hybrid Control Unit

Dealing with multiple sources of energy in your portfolio, can be a complicated task. The more complexity you add to the system, the more time and resources will have to be spent on managing it. This can interfere with the efficiency of your fleet, as each new technology – whether it’s wind turbines, hydroelectric dams or solar panels – brings its own challenges.

Bottom line, whatever portfolio of energy systems you have, it should all move in the same direction. OneView® Hybrid Control Unit manages the assets, you have on hand, in a point of common coupling (PCC). In cases, where you have high complexity in your system, you need a way to manage multiple points towards a common goal.

The goal of OneView® Hybrid Control Unit is to be the constant in your system, that can optimize the performance of your entire fleet.

The system has been designed to be a versatile tool, to manage your plant, regardless of which energy sources are being used. Every system is different and can have vastly different requirements, which is why OneView® Hybrid Control Unit is built to give you bespoke management. It all comes down to what you need in your specific system.



Universal control of your assets

With the OneView® Hybrid Control Unit it becomes possible to control your assets, in spite of differing interfaces, rules and data collection methods.


Can we help you?

If you want to hear more about our solution for hybrid power plants, please do not hesitate to write us.



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Hybrid Control Unit!



OneView® Hybrid Control Unit




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