OneView® Universal Park Controller

Assure flexibility and compliance in your fleet with OneView® Universal Park Controller.

Complete independence & control

Aging of technology and scalability of projects can disturb you in finding new ways to optimize your operations. For example, the limited lifespan of certain technologies might compromise your assets' lifetime, or your technology's functionalities interfere in the consolidation of different data systems to support your operations.

In these cases, you want a solution that enables smart integration of different systems and technologies and, at the same time, ensures a reliable and precise way to manage the power. With our pioneering SCADA renewable asset management solution, OneView®, you can ensure complete independence and control by getting:

  • Independent power control functionalities
  • Full data ownership
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Effortless configuration of assets, setpoints and parameters
  • Smooth data collection and reporting


To comply with local grid code requirements, the OneView® Universal Park Controller module controls the connected units and sends command signals to the units – calculated based on the control algorithm, the received energy setpoints and actual measurements at the point of common coupling.



Cost reduction & higher availability

OneView® SCADA is a flexible and all-in-one OEM-independent system that allows you to get full control and overview of all your assets, retrofit and upgrade old OEM systems for asset life extension, and normalize data through the OneView® platform.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimize and ensure higher availability in your daily operations, OneView® SCADA supports you in improving ROI by reducing data and system complexity, unifying and securing asset control and data access, and enhancing asset performance and diagnosis. 


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OneView® Universal Park Controller



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