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OneView® Robotic Data Intelligence

Data analysis is one of the most important aspects of running a fleet of wind turbines. Accurate data will allow you to increase availability and make sure your system is running optimally. Unfortunately, in data science it’s common for 80% of the time to be spent on cleaning and getting the data ready for analysis, rather than actual analysis.

Because of these problems, SCADA International has developed Robotic Data Intelligence. A patented system that automates the process of cleaning your data, so that you are able to make better decisions faster.

It is often the case, when collecting data, that several data points will be missing or obviously false and that you will therefore not be able to have a complete picture of your grid until these errors have been addressed and accounted for. This process takes time and man-hours, that could otherwise be spent on analysis and optimization.

Robotic Data Intelligence works in several stages, but is almost completely automated from start to finish. The data collection and normalization happens in much the same way that it happens in OneView®. The difference comes in three stages:

  • Automatic Data Enrichment
  • The collected and normalized data is cleaned, by removing incorrect or duplicated data points. It then fuses cleaned data points into concise and easy to access data.
  • Manual Data Optimizer
  • In the Manual Data Optimizer, it becomes possible for technicians to create and correct data points on their own. This is in cases of scheduled maintenance, planned shutdowns, and other occurrences that are not directly related to the turbine.
  • Advanced Reporting Engine
  • The final step is building reports that are tailormade to your needs. These detailed and customizable reports will be able to tell you exactly where in your system problems have occurred.


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Robotic Data Intelligence


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